Why Every Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Service

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If you’re a small business or big cooperation it’s absolutely pivotal that you’re covered in case of disaster. The ugly truth is that with IT and technology, disaster can strike at any given time or when you least expect it. However the glory of technology and IT is that, it’s constantly changing and releasing new ways to improve its efficiency and productivity. 90% of the world is run through information technology and a countless amount of devices but, having said that it’s not always 100% reliable. In many businesses there have been cases of missing files, hard drives crashing and corruption of important documents. This is why a DRS (Disaster Recovery Service) should be implemented in all companies regardless of their stand in the market.

A DRS is not something new to touch the market but definitely should be considered as it can save business’ a lot of grief. I.T disaster recovery services can provide technical expertise and experience should you experience any disasters. Disaster Recovery systems do not only salvage your files, they also provide protective shields for businesses to have them safeguarded for in-sever disasters such as: data hacks, vicious ransomware, or severe weather events. However there are particular things to hunt for when looking for a service as well as exploring the benefits of such a high impact investment.

Speedy Recovery

You can’t be 100% sure when catastrophe is gonna strike but in spite of that, if one does happen… there just one question you should ask yourself; “How much intermission is acceptable?“ Every second the power is out and servers are down that’s lost revenue and money for your business. Although if you have a Disaster Recovery Plan set and stone, you won’t have be concerned about this as the services are designed to restore normal operations within minutes or a few hours at most.


As opposed to other conventional methods of backup , disaster recovery services is much more flexible . A lot of these services offer their clients more options of how to handle different systems depending on the business. Any company or organisation who utilize recovery solutions can choose from an abundance of recovery routes of course depending on the type of disaster and the severity. By doing this it is also a efficient use of budget and time.

Reliable Security and Choosing your service

They level of security of these services is often misunderstood, but you should still be aware of the importance of examining all the services and ensuring that your choice in service is wise and logical. Features to look for when selecting a service, is to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. When choosing your service provider there are key questions you should ask before signing any form of agreement. These include :
“Is your data center physically secure?”
“How many recoveries have you made?”
“Does your service have a good standing within the market?”
“Are you familiar with businesses in all types of industries?”
“Can the service levels including RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO(Recovery Point Objective) be customised to suit your business?”.

This is why every business should have a Disaster Recovery Service.

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