IT Support

Reliable, Fast 24/7 IT support when you need it so you can focus on kicking your goals.

INTELLO provides 24/7 IT Support and assistance for all technology devices that may be used in the office, home or remotely such as computers, laptop, phones, internet, website, telecommunications and everything else in between.

We ensure our IT support is swift so that your employees receive as little interruption as possible, causing minimal disruption to your work environment.

At INTELLO IT we understand that every organisation is different and will require different types of IT support. For this reason we offer a comprehensive range of 24/7 IT Support Sydney through flexible support plans and agreements:

On Demand Support when you pay as you go for support only when you need it. This is perfect for small organisations who may require 24/7 IT Support Sydney from time to time for emergencies or AD-HOC requests. You can also use this service if you have an existing IT team but need that extra hand during busy times.

Unlimited 24/7 IT support for a affordable fixed monthly fee with no need to worry about hidden costs or using up too much hours. This is more suited for medium to large organisations who may require regular IT support.

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