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The wrong internet solution can significantly hinder the productivity and communication within a business and home. Many companies are completely unaware that their business is suffering as a result of slow internet speed. You can often move to a higher-grade internet for little to no extra cost. Our team of experts at Intello IT will plan, deliver, and maintain the right internet solution that suits your home, company and budget.

These services include:

ADSL services

High coverage broadband ADSL is perfect for small businesses. ADSL is a common and affordable fixed line internet familiar to most small business owners; however, its capacity is most suitable for use amongst a smaller group of people.

ADSL is ideal for:

  • A business with 1-10 people with regular internet usage
  • Branch offices requiring a secure, private network
  • Providing larger offices with backup internet connection
  • Connections for email servers or similar applications.

Fibre Links
The latest advancement in broadband technology, fibre optic broadband guarantees fast speeds for daily internet requirements. Its name comes from the use of plastic or glass cables, which allow for quicker data transfer as opposed to the standard copper wires, which are used in regular broadband connections.

Advantages of Fibre Links include:

  • Longer Distance: in fibre optic transmission, optical cables provide low power loss, which means that signals can be transmitted to a longer distance than copper cables.
  • Low Security Risk: Data or signals are transmitted via light in fibre optic transmission, therefore there is no way to scan the data being transmitted by “listening in” to the electromagnetic energy transmitting through the cable, which guarantees security of information.
  • Small Size: fibre optic cable has a small width. For instance, the cable diameter of a single OM3 multimode fibre is approximately 2mm, which is smaller than that of coaxial copper cable.


Ethernet is a broadband internet technology providing robust, high-speed data connectivity to cope with data-intensive applications such as: operating multiple IP voice lines, Virtual Private Networks enterprise web hosting, file sharing and Local Area Network connectivity. Ethernet broadband is considered a ‘step up’ from ADSL broadband, offering data speeds that are faster than a regular DSL.

Advantages of Ethernet include:

  • Choice of fibre or copper infrastructure
  • Reliable speeds from 10Mbps – 100Mbps
  • User-friendly online portal to monitor data usage

With a wide range of IT services available to clients throughout Sydney CBD and metropolitan, we are proud to be an industry leader in the IT maintenance industry. Our services are available throughout the entire Sydney Metropolitan area including:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Western Suburbs
  • South Western Suburbs
  • South Suburbs
  • South East Suburbs
  • North West Suburbs

Why Choose Intello?

Highly Experienced Specialists

For over a decade, we have built a reputation for delivering quality IT support across Sydney. Our team members are all highly qualified, taking part in regular training to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology.

We have experience in delivering IT solutions to small, medium and large organisations. We tailor IT services depending on the business requirements of our clients and have been successful in providing exceptional business results that increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients’ businesses.

Competitive Pricing

Intello IT focus on reducing your IT running costs through diagnosis and energy efficiency evaluation. We will analyse your current budget on IT services and work with you to figure out methods to minimise costs in your business so that you can invest the savings elsewhere and improve your IT infrastructure.

Our pricing model is structured to fit your finances and be scalable with your changing business needs. We’ll also ensure that we will give you a direct quotation for a one-off service or secure a fixed monthly rate for IT management services.

Reliable, Flexible & Adaptable

When we engage with our customers, our friendly team of experts take the time to comprehensively understand the matter to ensure they can resolve the issue and provide you with any additional information you may require.

We will always be available to take your call and attend to your issue with utmost urgency, ensuring as little downtime as possible for your employees. We also understand that no business is alike, with different needs, goals and budgets. We’re adaptable, flexible and agile, ensuring our services meet your budget and convenience.

Independent & Transparent Advice

Although we have strong partnerships with leading IT vendors, we are totally independent and are committed to providing you with trustworthy and honest advice. This sets us apart from competitors and provides strength and certainty to our customers, assuring you that the proposed solutions are recommended with your best interests in mind. Our advice is provided by experts in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Appreciated by our Customers

Aresh Aminzadeh


The first time we called Anthony we had some slight issues with our i.t system. He was referred by a client, Anthony came out that very day to help and give us a no obligation solution. He was very thorough and explained everything in detail and gave us a full report on what he will do and itemised quote. We have been using Intello and Anthony’s services since. Cannot recommend him enough and his team. Thank you once again

The Marketing Co

Anthony and his team are fantastic, very professional and responsive. They have been servicing our company for many years from servers, phone systems, cloud migration and much more. Highly recommended.

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