Understanding Data Centres

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At Intello IT we can help enhance your data centre, improve efficiency, and reduce management overhead. With our data centre services we take the headache out of hassling with hosting your businesses data and key applications. Our services range from creating your data centre to maintaining and improving an already existing one. We can manage data backup, internet progress, as well as any in-house hosted email and messaging services.

So what exactly is a data centre? A Data Centre is a large group of networked computer servers typically used by organisations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data.

Our services can take form of both hardware and software and are designed to enhance the processes involved with data storage, providing your business or in-house environment with both a high-quality and long-term solution to increase your performance efficiency as well as reduce risks of loss of data and be more cost efficient.

In addition to these benefits, if you transition your in-house environment to a data centre it will reduce risks, save you time and money on managing your own IT team.

At Intello IT, we offer you the flexibility and time you deserve to make sure you have the highest quality connections that are run at one hundred percent capability and capacity. We take the time to carefully protect your data in order to lead your business into a smarter future with the better cabling which will allow for data to travel at the highest speed possible.

Our services include:

  • Hardware installation and maintenance
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Controlled internet access
  • Managed email and messaging

What are the benefits of using a Data Centre?

Well apart from all of the above employing Intello IT to manage, enhance and improve efficiency you won’t feel as though you’re giving up complete control because the team at Intello IT are trustworthy and only want the best for your company or in-home data system. There is also much more security around data centres as opposed to opting for cloud services which can involve many risks.

If you own your own business for example which is growing by the day here’s why you need Intello IT to maintain and manage your data centre. So let’s say for example, your website started getting more views and clicks per day than you anticipated – the website becomes slower and harder to access by the users due to server or hardware constraints. What do you do? You call Intello IT up and we’ll take care of the rest for you. We know how important it is to focus on continuing to build your business so we want to make it as easy as possible for a smooth sailing business without the headache of worrying about your data management.

So what we will do is safely store your website files via a virtual data centre, to eliminate you having to take care of the hardware maintenance, staff, flexibility, networking and power.

If you haven’t thought about getting a data centre for your business or in-home system, it’ll be wise to start now.

Here at Intello IT our promise entails creating efficiently functioning and the most cost-effective computer resource possible.

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