5 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

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Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, technology plays a huge part of the day to day running of operations. Managed IT services are therefore an essential component.

In the past, the solution to IT issues was a “break-fix” IT service. This involved an IT professional looking at the issue only after the issue had occurred. With our reliance on technology in present day, an IT breakdown could mean the loss of information, productivity, revenue and even clients. It is therefore important to take preventative measures to ensure the proper running of IT services through considering the use of ongoing and managed IT services.

Managed IT services provide information technology provided by a third party who manages the IT systems and services for a fixed fee.
What is the benefit of managed IT services for businesses?

1. Stability
According to industry research, 70% of businesses have seen some interruption of their operations as a result of IT-related issues. Managed IT services consist of teams of IT professionals with various skill sets who constantly monitor your IT systems and prevent problems from happening. This allows the smooth, stable running of your business with no technical interruptions.

2. Specialised Skills
Companies that provide Managed IT services are of course specialised in the field. This means that they have the experience and knowledge needed to implement new technologies efficiently. Technology is rapidly evolving and the need to adapt is crucial to the success of your business. Having a general understanding in IT may therefore sometimes not be enough. IT service providers however have a wealth of knowledge in the field and are well versed in the latest systems, software updates, upgrades and advancements in technology.

3. Cost Saving
For any business, you must consider the cost of the daily running of operations. Majority of managed IT services offer flat-rate IT packages, ensuring that businesses are fully aware of the costs. This form of pricing means you know exactly how much to budget without the concern of over price fluctuations or unexpected costs.

Using managed IT services can also reduce the infrastructure you have on-site as you transfer to their data centers, decreasing the cost of hardware and space required to store it.

4. Productivity
Having managed IT services allows you the ability to focus on your business without having to worry about any technical-related issues that could arise.

When all systems are running efficiently, your workforce has the tools to work at a high capacity with their daily tasks, thus increasing productivity. Employees will not have to spend time updating software themselves or try to resolve technical issues they are unfamiliar with.

5. Security
When working in a company, many deal with confidential and sensitive information. For effective cybersecurity, data backup and disaster recovery, it is essential to have a reliable and consistent security system in place. Security concerns can result from both internal and external behaviour.

Internally, employees may unknowingly open suspicious attachments or emails from an unknown source causing the information on their computers to be exposed.

Externally, there are increased threats of malware, hacking and cybercrimes. Businesses are responsible for keeping client information secure. If financial data is stolen, businesses jeopardise their reputation which could result in loss of revenue.

Managed IT services are able to ensure that your business is supported with the latest security updates and systems giving you peace of mind to run your business.

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