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First let’s get our head around what cyber security actually is. Cyber Security is a combination of technologies, processes and practices that are engineered in order to protect networks, computers, programs and data from any attacks damage or unauthorised access.

The benefits of having security solutions are that they screen traffic, prevent hackers and prevent keyloggers.

There are many elements of cyber security, one of which is network security which entails the creation of firewalls.

Network security refers to comprehensive security policies adopted by the network administrator for to monitor and hinder any unauthorised access, deliberate misuse, alteration, denial of service for a computer host and other network related resources.

It involves checking the rights of users to validate the legitimacy of users and grant them access to network’s data or allow for exchange of information. Users are need to provide ID and password or other forms of authentication to prove authorised use of the domain.

Intello IT provides security services such as developing firewalls which help to protect all sorts of networks.

A firewall is a system security method that monitors inbound and outbound network
traffic, regulating content based on a distinct set of security policies.

They have the potential to create a barrier between secure and controlled internal networks that can be trusted and untrusted external networks. A firewall is the best system to protect your computer system from cyber attacks. It will control your connection and is an essential tool in a basic security arsenal, along with an anti-virus device.

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Intello IT is a Sydney based IT Support Company with over 10 years of experience, delivering fast and reliable solutions to Australian Companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Our team at Intello IT will ensure that your business is protected from threats that exist online and throughout your network. We ensure that the proper security systems are in place, making sure all your critical business data is safe.

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