Fun Facts on Becoming an IT Support Specialist in Sydney

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Seeking a career change? Is an IT Support Specialist role something worth considering?

Before deciding whether it may be worthwhile to work in such an industry, you might want to understand what exactly the job entails.

As an IT specialist, you will be assisting companies/organisations with their software, hardware and other networking issues which they may be presented with.

Dealing with businesses on the daily and helping them upkeep their customer base and systems will be a key task as well as, solving any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Starting off as a specialist usually includes dealing with issues at a help desk and resolving customer support queries.

Educational requirements for an IT Support Specialist in Sydney

If becoming an IT Specialist is the positive change you are looking for, it is crucial to understand the career requirements before taking the steps towards making your final decision.

  • IT support specialist role requires education and ongoing, on-the-job training. This helps you stay ahead of new and upcoming market trends and become familiar with new technologies/resources.
  • IT services require problem-solving and communication skills. This is a key requirement and should be acquired for the job, as issues always arise and it is your duty to be the support specialist.
  • A degree may not be necessary. However, progressive education is a must in order to maintain certifications and proficiency, with both the smaller daily tasks as well as, when facing larger issues.
  • Knowledge of specific systems and programs is essential for employment within any discipline in Information Technology. Online IT courses can also help you stay up to date with any new programs/tools which could be useful in your quest and beyond.
  • Confidence is vital when entrusting an organisation with your skills and expertise. This is because customers are relying on specialists to handle their problems and deliver simple and difficult IT services. Confidence reassures customers that their IT systems are in the hands of a skilled professional.
  • Customer relations is one of the main roles of an IT specialist. Excellent communication is necessary for a smooth operation of daily tasks, while teamwork is equally as important. A professional knows how to work effectively in teams, listens and takes on criticism/advice from others.

As previously mentioned, having a specific degree may not be necessary, and companies can hire based on expertise. In saying so, education will never set you back.

Qualifications can help attain a higher salary in the future and build your position within an organisation.

Some degrees that may assist you with delivering quality IT services in Sydney include:

  • Computer Science
  • Computing
  • Engineering

It is common for most employers to have specifications of work experience, education and any previous background knowledge in the field. Research online courses and any other educational resources to help you ascertain the necessary skills.

Did you know? The average salary for an information support specialist is $57 819!

A Day in the Life of an IT Support Specialist in Sydney

So you are currently making the decision to become an IT Support Specialist. You want to know more about the daily tasks and understand the necessary operations in order to meet the job requirements.

Here are a few daily IT support tasks:

  • Dealing with inquiries regarding computer hardware/software and making sure they are operating to standard
  • Repairing/installing hardware and software or any other equipment required
  • Setting up equipment, installing cables, systems and other software for employees of an organisation
  • Testing/installing software and hardware performance

Do you ever wonder how many times IT Support Specialists answer calls, use their email and deal with customers?

A short list in order of tasks ranging from everyday tasks to tasks that are required most of the time might give you a better understanding.

  • Telephone conversation = everyday task
  • Email conversation = everyday task
  • Importance of working in teams = a couple of times per week
  • Group discussion = most the time
  • Strict deadlines = most the time
  • Work with customers every day = not often
  • Deal with angry customers = not often
  • Decision making = most the time

Some other responsibilities within IT consulting in Sydney include:

  • Troubleshooting – being able to determine certain technical issues
  • Maintenance – of technology systems/networks
  • Installation – technology and configuration
  • Management – manage time and prioritise issues
  • Responding – customer concerns should be dealt with efficiently
  • Support – assist the customer with all their needs
  • Monitoring – monitor and make sure technology is working efficiently

Tips to deliver quality IT services in Sydney that will impress your new employer

Having a few key tips and insights on how to step up and impress your employer is always a bonus.

Below are some requirements found from job descriptions that may help you when you start:

  • Understanding technical information and being able to explain it clearly to others
  • High attention to detail
  • The ability to multitask
  • Professionalism – crucial for both clients and other employees
  • Problem-solving, teamwork and helping others
  • Capable of undertaking tasks independently

IT Support Specialists have a 12% growth year-over-year in the field

Improving & Refining Your IT Specialist Resume/CV

Congratulations! You have finally decided that becoming an IT Specialist is your career path.

This means you need a well-written CV.

A CV that has been well written will set you apart from other candidates and will get one step closer to securing the job.

Specialisations – A key element for your CV involves including certain specialisations, which highlight knowledge within the field or discipline. For example, this may include knowledge in certain areas of technology such as Microsoft.

Experience – Including experience is a vital component of your CV, as it shows you have additional knowledge about the industry, which would most certainly be the difference between you and another candidate.

Qualifications – Any qualifications you have in relation to IT, customer service and support skills as well as, communication, are relevant within the field. Any given job that you may be applying for will have certain requirements, so by adding qualifications, it may help you to secure the job.

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